The movie about Andala

Andala is a boy from a small town in South Greenland. He is a creative dreamer and has a worldview that the adults do not always understand.
Andala often solves challenges with a neat invention. 'It's easier to pick blackberry with a vacuum cleaner instead of the old-fashioned hand picking method'.
Andala challenges everyone with his entrepreneurial approach to life. Perhaps the adults can learn something of Andala.



Originally, Andala was a comic book. Now he comes alive in a 'live action' feature film.
We will produce a movie in eye level with the children. In Andala's universe, there is both love, friendship, and togetherness, but there are also conflicts, problems, and banter.


Our vision is to give the Greenlandic children a feature film they can identify them self with.
In addition to our domestic audience, we expect the movie to reach far out in the world. We will show everyday Greenland for a young international audience so that they learn to know the modern Greenland at an early age.

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