Andala – 8 years
Andala lives with his mother and father in small town in South Greenland. They live in a small wooden house. He just started school. He often solves his problems in alternative ways - with new inventions.

Amos – 8 years
Amos is Andalas best friend. Amos is a little slow and cannot always keep up. Still, he is always trying to follow Andalas ideas.

Mie – 8 years
Mie is Andalas friend. Her parents are Danish (father comes to the village as a doctor). In the beginning Andala and Mie cannot really communicate, but gradually they become best friends. He introduces her to life in Greenland.

Cousin Karl – 12 years
Cousin Karl is Andalas older cousin. He likes to tease Andala; maybe he's a little jealous of Andala because of his carefree life.

Ataata is Andalas father. He is a fisherman and is therefore often away from home. But he is a good support for Andala. Occasionally he takes him huntig for ptarmigan.

Anaana is Andalas mother. She has a job, but is also often home.

Ittu is Andalas grandfather, he spends much of his time with Andala; often they go fishing

Ningiu is Andalas grandmother She knows many of the old stories and can still play the drums. Andala often visiting his grandparents after school.

Big Hans
Big Hans is the city's Danish carpenter. He has a large workshop where Andala and Amos often come and watch. Big Hans helps the two boys when they need to build their inventions.

Andala view